Veneers and Lumineers in El Reno, OK

Veneers and Lumineers

If you want to transform the appearance of your flawed teeth, without compromising your natural tooth structure, then Lumineers brand veneers may be right for you. These ultra-thin, ultra-durable coverings for flawed teeth create beautiful, natural-looking smiles.

Lumineers are considered a minimal-prep solution. This means that little or no reduction of natural tooth enamel is required for the dentist to place Lumineers on your teeth. The extremely comfortable process requires no shots and no drilling, which makes it great for people with dental phobia or sensitive teeth.

Proven to last for up to 20 years, Lumineers from your El Reno dentist are crafted from material that looks and feels like natural tooth enamel. Your Lumineers won’t stain, so your smile will retain a bright, white appearance.

The process to transform your smile with Lumineers takes three office visits to complete.

Traditional Porcelain Veneers

El Reno Family Dentistry also offers traditional porcelain veneers to cover flawed, chipped, or misaligned teeth. Made from fingernail-thin layers of luminous dental porcelain, traditional porcelain veneers can be applied with minimal tooth preparation, reducing the potential for sensitivity.

Porcelain veneers will give you a vibrant, natural looking smile. These veneers are completely custom and handcrafted by a ceramist at a dental lab. Like Lumineers, traditional veneers look stunning and resist stains.

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