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Root Canal Therapy – El Reno, OK

Making Terrible Toothaches Disappear

Woman sharing healthy smile after root canal therapy

Ouch! Do you have a toothache that only seems to be getting worse? The relief you need is just a phone call away with El Reno Family Dentistry. We can use root canal therapy to make the pain quickly disappear, and despite what you may have seen in movies and on TV, this is not a particularly uncomfortable procedure. The majority of patients who undergo this treatment wish they came to see us sooner because they feel so much better afterward! There’s no need to sit and suffer—contact us today to get the care you need right away with root canal therapy in El Reno, OK.

Why Choose El Reno Family Dentistry for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Same-Day Emergency Appointments Available
  • Sedation Options Eliminate Any Dental Nerves
  • Highly-Skilled Team That Prioritizes Patient Comfort

Reasons for a Root Canal

Animated root canal treatment process

Each one of your teeth has a small amount of soft tissue called the pulp, which contains numerous blood vessels as well as a delicate nerve (this is why you can feel your teeth even though they are bony structures). Whether due to an untreated cavity or crack in the enamel, this pulp can sometimes become exposed to bacteria and develop an infection, causing swelling and pressure to build up inside the tooth that is quite unpleasant. In this situation, the best way to remove the infection and make sure it doesn’t come back involves root canal therapy.

The Root Canal Procedure

Animated inside of tooth during root canal therapy

After our team has confirmed you have a pulp infection, the root canal procedure will involve a few basic steps:

  • Your tooth and the surrounding area will be numbed.
  • A small hole will be placed in the enamel.
  • The infected pulp will be removed, and the interior of the tooth will be cleaned and sterilized.
  • The tooth will be filled to restore the lost structure and sealed to prevent reinfection.

Depending on the amount of tissue that has to be removed, a root canal can sometimes make a tooth more likely to crack, which is why your dentist may recommend placing a crown at a follow-up appointment. Thankfully, after the initial procedure, any pain should have already stopped. On occasion, we may need to partner with a local specialist and can do so with your best interest in mind.