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April 8, 2020

How to Keep Your Mouth Perfectly Healthy During Quarantine

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A toothache is the absolute last thing anyone wants to deal with right now while we’re all stuck at home due to the quarantine for COVID-19. Around the country, dental offices have mostly closed and are only seeing patients for major emergencies, so if your tooth starts to feel a little pain, you’ll likely have to handle it on your own for the time being. Thankfully, avoiding this kind of mishap and other similar issues is relatively easy if you maintain proper dental hygiene, and you can do exactly that by following these simple tips.


March 3, 2020

Celebrate National Nutrition Month with these Teeth-Friendly Snacks

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apple & cheese dish prepared for National Nutrition Month

Spring has officially sprung, but there is something else that’s quite important going on this March—it’s National Nutrition Month! It’s a time where healthcare providers of all kinds highlight the importance of what we eat for our overall wellbeing. Thankfully, when it comes to your oral health, there are a number of nutritious and tasty treats out there that are proven to dramatically lower your risk for problems like cavities and gum disease. The next time you’re at the grocery store (or shopping online), be sure to include the following items in your cart.


February 4, 2020

Why Do My Gums Bleed When Flossing?

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Many believe that bleeding gums are just a normal part of the flossing process, which actually causes a lot of people to avoid it altogether. While this symptom might seem somewhat innocuous, it’s often a sign of a serious dental problem called periodontal disease. What starts as minor bleeding can easily lead to tooth loss if ignored! In honor of Gum Disease Awareness Month, here’s how you can stop the bleeding and make sure periodontal disease doesn’t impact your smile.


January 15, 2020

Living With Invisalign: Your Top FAQs

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woman putting on Invisalign

One of the biggest reasons that Invisalign is so popular is that it’s designed to fit seamlessly into any lifestyle. The trays practically disappear when worn, there are no diet restrictions, and patients can even take Invisalign off whenever they want. All of these claims are true, but what is living with Invisalign actually like? Does it change how you eat? How you speak? How you sleep? Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions concerning day to day life with Invisalign.


December 11, 2019

You Have a Cavity. Which Type of Filling Should You Get?

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“You have a cavity.” When a person hears this from their dentist, it usually means they need a dental filling, and it’s the first step to stopping the decay in its tracks and restoring the strength of the tooth. Fortunately, you have a choice when it comes to which type of filling you get. Amalgam and tooth-colored fillings each have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, but which one would be best for your smile? You can find everything you need to know about your options in today’s blog.


November 15, 2019

3 Ways to Stop Oral Cancer In Its Tracks

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53,000. That’s the number of people who are expected to be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. While the disease is actually very treatable when detected early, only about 50% of these new diagnoses are expected to survive the next 5 years. Why is this the case? That’s because the disease often isn’t caught until it’s quite advanced and virtually impossible to treat. Starting this November, which is officially Mouth Cancer Action Month, make sure you follow these 3 tips so oral cancer doesn’t have a chance to sneak up on you and claim another life.


October 18, 2019

How Routine Dental Visits Protect More than Just Your Teeth

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There is absolutely no shortage of health advice online…in fact, there’s too much to sift through in an entire lifetime! Fortunately, most tips (from credible sources) boil down to the same three tips: eat a balanced diet, exercise, and make sure you get enough sleep. One important thing most skip, however, is that visiting your dentist is extremely important as well, not just for your smile, but your overall health. Dental hygiene appointments give your dentist the chance to identify all sorts of potential issues early so they can be treated right away, some of which can affect much more than your teeth and gums! Read on to learn about a few of the problems your dentist can help solve and even prevent with regular checkups and cleanings.


October 7, 2019

El Reno Smile Day: Giving Back to Our Community Three Years in a Row

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El Reno Family Dentistry will give back to the local community with a day of free dental care on Friday, October 25th from 8:30 am to 3 pm at 1570 SW 27th Street.

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