Team Photos

El Reno recognized by El Reno Chamber of Commerce

We are honored to be recognized by El Reno Chamber. August 2017

El Reno Movie Theater ticket winner

Tana and her adorable baby at an office celebration. May 2017

El Reno Movie Theater ticket winner

Tana and Emily H. Emily won tickets for her and her family to the El Reno movie theater in one of our Children's Dental Health Month challenges.

El Reno Family Dentistry Team at Sid's Diner

Our team at Sid's Diner. One of our favorites at El Reno Family Dentistry. March 2017

El Reno Family Dentistry Team out for lunch

The El Reno Family Dentistry team heads out to lunch with doctors. September 2016

El Reno Family Dentistry Team wearing football themed clothes

Dr. Cohlmia and team get in the spirit for Fall football. September 2016

Dr.Colhlmia, Kristen and Larry posing posing and smiling

Dr. Cohlmia, Kristen, and Larry pose for a picture at El Reno Family Dentistry. September 2016

Wanda and Belinda Smiling in the office

Always so much fun to have Wanda at our office (pictured with Belinda). September 2016

Dr. Faulconer with Tana and Email Smiling in in the office

Dr. Faulconer with Tana and Email. What a great smile! September 2016

El Reno Family dentistry team holding their children together

Erica Bingham (assistant) holding Evangeline Bingham. Rena Edwards (front desk) holding Collin Edwards. Tana Gatz (hygienist) holding Legend Gatz. Dr. Cohlmia holding Sophie Cohlmia.

Erica and Tana holding their babies in the hospital

Erica and Tana with babies! August 2016

Exterior of El Reno Family Dentistry Office

El Reno Family Dentistry waiting room

A Procedure Room

El Reno Family Dentistry is getting ready for our Fall open house. September 2016

El Reno Family Dentistry Team in their new office

El Reno Dentistry team in the new office. Pictured are: Belinda Wilson, Rena Edwards, Tana Gatz, Tina Davidson, Ginger Allred, Erica Bingham, Dr. Adam Cohlmia. February 2016

Dr. Cohlmia holding cake with patient

Dr. Adam Cohlmia receives a cake from our patient, Stephanie. What a way to open the new office! February 2016

Exterior of new facility

El Reno Family Dentistry opens a state-of-the-art facility at 1570 SW 27th Street in El Reno, Oklahoma. This is at I-40 W and Country Club Drive. We are very excited to have such a prime location to serve Canadian County. February 2016

El Reno Family Dentistry Team picture

Happy New Year from Our Team! January 2016

Belinda Wilson - Hygienist
Tana Ramsey - Hygienist
Tina Davidson - Hygiene Coordinator
Ginger Allred - Dental Assistant
Cassie Owens - Treatment Coordinator
Erica Bingham - Dental Assistant
Rena Edwards - Treatment Coordinator
Dr. Chris Faulconer
Dr. Adam Cohlmia

Team picture wearing ugly sweaters with Merry Christmas border Team Picture with them wearing ugly sweater
Erica, Belinda, Tana, Tina, Ginger, Rena, and Dr. Adam Cohlmia have some fun with the holidays! Bring on the ugly Christmas sweaters. December 2015

Team picture with fortune practice management
The El Reno Family Dentistry team works with Fortune Practice Management consultants to improve our services. December 2015

Dr. Cohlmia holding certificate beside Jill
Dr. Adam Cohlmia receiving a certificate of appreciation from Jill Worthington for the support of Redlands Community College Foundation Board. November 2015

New office building progress
El Reno Family Dentistry builds new office. August 2015

Team inside of new office in progress of being built
El Reno Family Dentistry builds new office. August 2015

Team picture with park background
El Reno Family Dentistry takes a new team picture with Dr. Adam Cohlmia. July 2015

Dr. Cohlmia smiling in the park
Dr. Adam Cohlmia enjoys our beautiful parks in El Reno. July 2015

Group in their health fair booth
Tana, Dr. Cohlmia, and Tina represent El Reno Family Dentistry at the Redlands Community College Health Fair.

Group picture at the spa
Dr. Adam Cohlmia and team cut loose at a staff outing. Dr. Cohlmia and the ladies do spa day. April 2015

Rena smiling on her birthday

erical holding a bird smiling on her birthday
Birthday fun! Rena and Erica pose for pictures on their birthdays. We have great team members! March 2015

Dr. Cholmia kneeling next to a child
Dr. Adam Cohlmia takes Rance to the treasure chest. We love children at El Reno Family Dentistry. March 2015

Dental assistants smiling together
Dental Assistant appreciation week. March 2015

Ginger Smiling
Ginger's one year anniversary with El Reno Family Dentistry. February 2015

Erical and her husband at a basketball game
Erica and her husband attend a OKC Thunder game. Compliments of Dr. Kirk. February 2015

Tina Smiling
Tina has her 4th anniversary with El Reno Family Dentistry. January 2015

Dentists working on children
At El Reno Family Dentistry, we love taking care of kids. January 2015

Ginger and Bobby holding up cans of food
Patient, Bobby, with Ginger get participate in the El Reno Family Dentistry can food drive. November 2014

El Reno Family Dental ladies and Dr. Cohlmia
Dr. Cohlmia and the ladies of El Reno Family Dentistry. Holiday Photos 2014 at El Reno Family Dentistry

El Reno Family Dental Ladies group
The ladies of El Reno Family Dentistry. Holiday Photos 2014 at El Reno Family Dentistry

Dr. Cohlmia and Alexandra smiling
Dr. Cohlmia and Alexandra. September 2014

Dr. Cohlmia and Karen Smiling
Dr. Adam Cohlmia with Karen. She is a patient that always has us smiling. September 2014.

hoppy and patient people holding giveaway tickets
Hoppy gives our patient his University of Oklahoma tickets for the September giveaway. September 2014

allen holding giveaway tickets smiling with Tana
Our hygienist, Tana, gives Allen Oklahoma State University tickets. Congrats to our September office giveaway winner. September 2014

group outside Snoconey's in El Reno
Michelle (Hoppy), Tana, Shelley, and Maygan celebrate National Hot Dog Day at Snoconey's in El Reno. August 2014

group in front of a point and foliage
Tana, Michelle (Hoppy), Tina, Dr. Cohlmia, Alexandra, and Stephanie pose for a cute pic at the wedding shower

Dr. Cohlmia and alexandra looking over book
Dr. Adam Cohlmia and Alexandra look thru a daily mediation book given to them at a wedding shower hosted by Stephanie Sanderson at her Edmond home

group inside Johnnies Grill
Celebrating Erica's first day at Johnnies Grill. September 2014

Michelle and Gil wearing orange OSU shirts
Michelle (Hoppy) and patient, Gil Lefore, show their team spirit in their OSU shirts. Gil comes to us from Blanchard, Oklahoma.

Dr. Cohlmia and Alexandra smiling together
Dr. Cohlmia and Alexandra Demetree were married on June 14th, 2014. The celebration took place in her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Over two hundred friends and family from Oklahoma attended the wedding. Dr. Cohlmia was back to work in July following a honeymoon in Italy. Alexandra is a professional country and pop recording artist with two singles "Just Alone" and "Lay It on Me" available for download on iTunes. A wedding shower was recently hosted by the El Reno Family Dentistry team for the happy couple.

Dr. Cohlmia holding plate of food smiling
Dr. Cohlmia's Aunt brought our team a wonderful Lebanese lunch! It was delicious! August 2014

Dr. B holding cake smiling
Celebrating Dr. B's birthday! August 2014

Dr. Colhmia and team sitting in booths
Dr. Colhmia and team have a team meeting at Jobes in El Reno. We love their cheese tots! August 2014

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